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☽ Trying to figure out "what's missing" in your business. 

☽ Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and like you are constantly spinning your wheels

☽ Craving your tribe. tired of wandering this wild entrepreneurial journey alone.

☽ Ready to finally bring your vision into reality and unleash your magic into the world.

☽ You aren't just ready build a successful legacy but a healthy mindset and beautiful soul connection. You are invested in your personal growth as much as your business growth.



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☽  1x Monthly Coaching Call

☽  1x Monthly Expert Masterclass with World Class Experts 

☽ 1x Monthly collective Energy Healing call 

☽ Exclusive Members Only Facebook group to connect with your soul sisters and new biz besties (Plus access exclusive pop up trainings and bonus content)

☽  Access to the Build You Up Academy

☽  Access to Soul Socials : Social Media School (Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest) 

☽ Access to Sell with Soul Course

☽  Meditations & Activations 

☽  Monthly Digital Magazine (Plus the opportunity to be featured)

☽ Additional Trainings on : Manifestation, Abundance, Spirituality, Email Marketing, Launching, Business, Lifestyle and more 

☽  Monthly Book Club 

☽  Exclusive Discounts on ALL Rich Soul Revolution products & Services 

☽ Plus more...


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Let me Introduce myself 🙋‍♀️

Hey girl,  I'm Lauren!

In 2018 I found myself curled up in a ball on my bathroom floor hiding from my kids, tears everywhere, wondering what i was missing, begging the universe for a better way to build my business around my life. I was stressed, overwhelmed and not enjoying the process. 

I realised that if I wanted there to be a better way of doing business I had to create it myself, so I did. I completely overhauled my business and launched RICH SOUL REVOLUTION and within just a few short years I took myself from burned out and broken on the bathroom floor to successful global brand owner, podcast host, international speaker and the go to expert in building a holistic and soul driven business. 

I vowed that once I figured it out, once I had the answers that I would share them. My mission became clear - to eradicate stress and overwhelm from the business building process and make it FUN and FEEL-GOOD.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that there isn't just one component to our success. While having a great business strategy is important, it's the mindset and soul work that will truly change the game and connection with other women will open doors never imaginable. 

The Revolution was born from a deep desire to bring you EVERYTHING you need in an easy one-stop platform filled with insight, inspiration, education and love.

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A Taste of what's in The Revolution:


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The Mindset

☽  With the extensive amount mindset Trainings & Resources you will establish a healthy success mindset, allowing you to thrive. 

Money, Abundance, manifestation and law of attraction, Success, Goal setting strategies, mental health management and advanced limiting beliefs + More...


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The Soul

☽ Tap in to your Soul's Infinite Potential and unleash your unique essence into the world. Connect with your Soul on the deepest level and heal your energy. 


Kundalini Reiki Healing Sessions, Meditations and Soul Activations, Energetic Management, Soul Led Business practices, Create Flow and ditch the hustle. 

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The Strategy

☽ Leverage current business strategies that will help you turn your purpose into profit. Learn EVERYTHING you need to create a Successful & Sustainable business. Get business strategy trainings from industry leaders from around the world. 


Expert Trainings, Social Media, Email Marketing, Launching, Branding, Business Building and SO MUCH MORE...


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The Connection

☽ Get connected with your Soul sisters + Business Besties to create endless opportunity and a solid support network.

Connection is VITAL when building a business, so we have curated a safe space for you to be your fully expressed beautiful self and be honoured and excepted by women JUST LIKE YOU.

With an Exclusive Members Only Lounge, Virtual Parties, Events and Retreats + the opportunity to be matched with an accountability partner or mastermind

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