It's time to master sales without sacrificing your soul!

Ready to go from Stressed  Out to Sold Out??

Or as we like to call it - Souled Out.

Let me guess, You have been working to build a beautiful business that you're incredibly proud of,
that you love like a baby but when it comes to selling you feel a little... let's just say 'ick'.

Perhaps most days you are feeling more like a used car salesman than a Sales Goddess.

But I've got some GOOD NEWS! It doesn't have to be this way!!

Picture this for a HOT second, you wake up in the morning from the most
glorious sleep and see notifications plastered all over your phone telling you
that you have been making sales while you sleep!


Isn't that the dream? 

What if it didn't have to just be a dream though? What if it could be your reality?

Get Souled Out For ONLY $97 [limited time offer]

Souled Out Successes:

What's Included in Souled Out:

Heal Your Relationship with Sales.

  • Discover the driving force of your business (What are your why's)
  • Unpack your current relationship and mindset to better understand what is preventing you from creating the wildly successful business you desire. Uncover what has been holding you back from your success and release it.
  • Cultivate a new healthy relationship and mindset around sales that will help you to make sales like a boss.

Know Your Niche

  • Get to know your Soul Mate Client so that you can show up and create the impact (and income) that you crave.
  • Get to know your niche and attract your dream clients with ease! (no more throwing everything you have to the wall and hoping something sticks)
  • Discover out what you bring to the table so that you can show up confidently to any sales transaction.


Master Your Message.

  • Learn how to speak the language your audience is attracted to, to help you communicate effectively and clearly.
  • Discover how being human is your greatest super power - how you can leverage your most authentic self to build a real relationship with your Soul Mate Client - to build that all important like, know trust factor.
  • Go through a Social Media Audit to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in the online space.

Worth Every Penny.


  • What if you believed you were worthy of all the sales and success you desire? Recognise and own your worth and release the old stories that have been keeping you small.
  • Energetically Worthy - Shift old energetic baggage that is holding you back. Clear the way for new confident energy to help you create wild success with a Kundalini Reiki Meditation.

Bonus: Souled Out Sales Plan.

  • The 6-figure Tier Plan - How to create a 6-figure roadmap to ensure your success.
  • Get exclusive access to my [PROVEN] Soul Led Sales Scripts.
  • Learn how to follow up without feeling "annoying" or "invasive" .
  • Finally overcome the objections that you are faced with with ease!











But you're stuck spinning your wheels... 

Doing all the work, you're showing up, speaking up and ready for world domination but no one is coming to the party *cue anxiety riddled 3rd grade flashback!!** 

You're watching as those around you create 5 & 6 figures, wondering what they have that you don't, what you are doing wrong  or worse yet- What is wrong with YOU. 

Potentially you're even considering going back to that full time day job *sigh*, But before you do anything to dramatic like hunt for a new 9-5 consider this:

You are bespoke and here for a reason!

You are here to create IMPACT.

You are here to make waves, to share your soul and be wildly successful!

You weren't sent here to play it small, to struggle and sacrifice.

You were sent here to be a leader, the light, to teach, to create, to inspire and to empower. 

So if your sales struggle is the only thing standing in your way I've got YOU!

Souled out was created with you in mind, because your gifts are essential and the world needs you to sell. 

Selling isn't gross, it isn't sleazy, it isn't even hard (when we choose) 

Selling is just a beautiful exchange of energy, it is you sharing your gifts, and creating impact. 


Souled Out is for you if:.

✔️  You are ready to step into your power and finally start receiving the sales you deserve.

✔️  You want to become the leader your clients need to serve them on the highest level. 

✔️  You are ready to increase your sales and see wild success both in your business and life. 

✔️  You are wanting to create massive income and impact with EASE and FLOW

✔️  You want to learn how to Sell with Soul and not feel "salesy" "sleazy" or "awkward" about selling your offer.

✔️  You want to gain confidence, create your vision and master your message. 

✔️  You are tired of struggling to get sales and ready for so much more!

Get Souled Out for ONLY $97 [limited offer]

More Souled Out Success:


Everything you get:

  • Heal Your Relationship with Sales ($197 USD)
  • Know you Niche ($197 USD)
  • Master your message ($197 USD)
  • Worth Every Penny ($247 USD)
  • Souled Out Sales Plan ($97 USD)


Get Souled Out For Just $97 USD (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Hey, I'm Lauren!

And I see you. Your'e working hard in your business, creating with passion and purpose but at the end of the day still not seeing the sales you deserve.

I've been there, for years I floundered in my business, trying to make sales, trying to be do and have it all and it almost killed me. 

I held on to the belief that sales was hard (near on impossible in my case) but it never truly felt like my truth so I started a little experiement.

I created a process for myself where I made sales EASY! I got super intentional, crystal clear and became the authentic authority in my business (and life for that matter)

I anchored in to my mission, stayed true to myself and then something MAGIC happened.

I started to see the results I had desired for so long. 

So I knew I had to replicate that for the thousands of women struggling to make sales with old outdated masculine methods.


What if I told you it doesn't have to be this hard?


+What if I told you that you can create wild success with ease and flow? 

+ What if I told you that you don't have to struggle to get sales, you can be 100% you and still earn great $$$?

+ What if I told you that the solution to your sales problem wasn't going to cost you a fortune?


It it time for you to learn how to create that wild success that you desire and deserve! Your success is inevitable and SOULED OUT will help you to achieve it. 

Get Souled Out for ONLY $97 [LIMITED TIME OFFER]